sexta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2008

My Favourite Commercial by Leonardo Rosenburg

is the truth about a lot of mans around the earth but no all have someone who have a realy friendship or a true love no only body afection we only need to know where you need to search

and this is the true love ^^ "the love blind you" but throw you at the heavens doors.

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Ana Maria disse...


Loved the commercials you´ve chosen, especially the one that says that love makes you do stupid things hahahaha.
They´re really good. Have you ever done anything really stupid because of love?


Isabel neves disse...

Hallo Leonardo
I liked your commercial very much !

Danúbia Bull disse...

Way to go boy!
It seemslike everyone liked watching the commercial you picked.

Leonardo Rosenburg disse...

thank you!
ana maria when i was more young i had
some gitar lessons with a friend, to play a serenade
but we doesn't have an "amplifiador" and the girl was in the 4º flor
she could't listem the music but she smiled to us ^^
when we end the song her father was in the dor of the building
and he gave us a big sermon XD

Ana Maria disse...


wow, so you are romantic after all. Serenades are always beautiful even if you can´t hear it so well. hahahaha
At least you had the courage. Well done! :)


Danúbia Bull disse...

I could never have thought you would have the guts to do such a thing for a girl. Wow, I bet she liked it a lot!

Vivi disse...

I really liked the second commercial you've chosen...

It's very funny !! ahahah


Anônimo disse...

Hi!!!!!! Your commercial is very funny....i liked very much...especially the part that they be in "cachoeira"...It´s true, the love makes you do stupid things...rsrsrsrs xD

Kisses...Lorrainne =)

Anônimo disse...

those commercials are very interesting!! I think the man's voice is very funny!! =)

winky ^^,

Glenda disse...

hi leonardo!
this commercial is very funny!!
You've chosen.

I really liked!!