sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2008

my favourite commercials

I chose this advertising because this online organisation has released this ads featuring Jesus showing viewers how to change attitudes and put in place simple, practical daily actions that reduce carbon emissions in a funny way. in this advertising Jesus says that before we enter his realm we have a few tasks to do. We have only ten years to turn off the lights we are not using, choose energy saving electrical appliances, start to separate and recycle our garbage. If we don’t hurry up we can forget about heaven being a great place.

The second is an advertising of Amnistia Internacional and it is against discrimination. the message in the end is very intelligent :) no words.

comment please !


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Isabel neves disse...

A very good choice, both of them although if I had to choose one I would choose the one from Amnesty International. I also liked your comments. It's obvious that you are concerned about important matters in life and that's very intelligent of you !

Ana Maria disse...


the commercial where god urges us to help the planet is very good. I even sent the link to a student of mine who started a blog about the environment. As you´re also interested about the topic, why don´t you have a look and leave a comment.
His name is Fernando.


Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi Teresa,
I am Danubia, a teacher in BRazil. Some of my students are also posting their favourite commercials on our blog. I really like your choices. After watching the one about saving eletricity I went around my house thurning off things on standby! Really clever!

Anônimo disse...

I liked this commercial very much, because its message is very important, and it is very intelligent.
In spite of this, this commercial is very funny, essentialy when the "dog" can't enter the restaurant. We realize that particular individual is not intelligent at all.
I really liked it.
Marta Gonçalves

Anônimo disse...

I liked the first ad because alert us to the consequences of global warming, which in this case are the people who are contributing to this.

Mariana Melo

Joana disse...

I like the second commercial a lot that teresa posted. It conveys a great message and I love the music, it's from Dead Combo, a Portuguese band.


Anônimo disse...

Teresa,I like your commercial because it shows us how we can be prejudiced against other people just because they have other religion, nationalaty, race or sexual orientation and how this is wrong and unaceptable. I think that it's a great message!
Ana Fonseca