quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

Andreia Pernes's favourite commercial.

Currently this is my favourite commercial at portuguese TV. I think is funny because the music (children's music) and the things that SAPO does. I hope you enjoy it the same way I do. ^^,
Post your favourite commercials too, we want to know brasilian commercials. And don't forget to vote your favourite. =)

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david santos disse...

Hello, Winky!
Excellent posting.
Thank you

Anônimo disse...

Winky!! I mean, Andreia (o.O)

I really like this commercial, it's so sweet ! hehe

Sapo commercials are always nice, but this is so funny! ^^

Anônimo disse...

Hi Andreia!!!! I liked your commercial..very much ..This is a comercial that stays in our mind...Kisses for you Winky!!!!!
Lorrainne =)

Anônimo disse...

hi andreia!! i liked your commercial very much...

it is very funny! the SAPO commercials are very funny and i liked them very much.

kiss** carla

Anônimo disse...

When I hear this song I remember my time in my first school. We liked to sing this song.
Mariana Melo