segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2008

My favourite commercial by Joana Guiomar

This is, definitely my favourite commercial.
Make poverty history is a compaign that have a cause: help the children that every day die as a result of extreme poverty. This shameful situation must end. If we have the will to act we can Make Poverty History!!
The main figure of this compaign is Bono Vox, the vocal of U2. Bono is a person very kinde, I admire him very much.

This other commercial is portuguese and it includes people very famous in Portugal.
The aim is to raise awareness about the AIDS disease. It shows us the thoughts that people use to have about condom and the consequences of not using it.

I hope you enjoy it !

:) Joana


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Isabel neves disse...

Hi Joana
I also like Make Poverty History very much. The simplicity of image and sound combine to produce a powerful effect on the viewer. The other one is spectacular although it's about AIDS.
Good choices!

Ana Maria disse...

Hello Joana,

Both commercials you´ve chosen are very good. The one about aids is very real and it shows what people think. Is it worth it to risk your life?
Powerful message.


Anônimo disse...

oh jojo.. your commercial are very sweeat!!

is a commercial that make us think =S

kiss** carla

Anônimo disse...

Hi Joana!!!!!!! I like very much of your true, we have to be careful with the AIDS...Kisses =)

Teresa Melo disse...

i liked the second commercial a lot. it shows us the consequences if we don't use condoms. the "myths" and the excuses that people usually use not to use condoms are shocking.

Anônimo disse...

I enjoy this commercial a lot because it makes us aware about a real problem that affects a lot of people and seems like nobody knows that this problem exists! so this ad (with famous people in portugal), furthermore captures our atention, shows us the importance of using a condom.Its message is very deep and makes any person think about it.

Joana Sousa

Anônimo disse...

This commercial is a good way to make people realise the importance of condom to prevente any disease as AIDS.
I like that selection of coulors :p
Cláudia and Joana

Anônimo disse...

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