segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2008

My favourite Comercial by João Bacalhau

These are my favourite commercials. Their're goal isn't to make people buy something. The three commercials are made winth children and that's very touching because it draws our attencion.
The first is about childrens that see and do the same thing and that is very important for their education.
The second commercial isn't necessary speak because actions speak lounder than words.
Finally, de last commercial is very funny and the same time educatinal because childrens are very comic.

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Isabel neves disse...

Nice commercial João. This is a very green commercial because it teaches everyone to sort out waste. Why did they use children ? What other strategies did they use to get their message across ?

Isabel neves disse...

Finally you wrote something more !

Leonardo Rosenburg disse...

i don't like the first comercial is the truth, but is soo sad :( the parents need to be more responsables for the childrens.
the others are very cute ^^. sad and happy but beatiful.

Anônimo disse...

hi joao!! i liked your commercial about the child and the paper, glass and plastic banks because it is a problem related with the environment and affects all of us.

kiss** carla

Anônimo disse...

I liked the commercial of cancer children a lot.
It's very beautiful and has a very good message in order to not be afraid with the cancer kids.
Marta Gonçalves

Anônimo disse...

Joazinhoo !! I liked your video specially the second one because , it shows love between brothers and shows the problems of nowdays.

Cátia Estêvão *

ana maria disse...


You´re a very sensitive guy. Your choices were perfect. The first one, is so powerful that makes us adults ashamed of what we do. The second one made me cry. And the third one is a very colourful and clever commercial. My favourites would be the first and second.

Thanks for sharing the commercials.