domingo, 2 de março de 2008

My favourite commercial ( Raphael )

This is a Nike's commercial. I chose this video because it shows the best soccer of the world on a distraction moment, doing moviments that requires impressionants skills. That's a really great commercial wich has a good soundtrack that make the people who watch it have a lot of fun.
It is worth to see ;)
Have fun !

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Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi Raphael,
That was a good one! Now, was it really a commercial? I liked it a lot and Nike must've paid a lot for it! It is about a minute long and it stars some of Brazil's best players.Not to mention the soundtrack! I love Black Eyed Peas!


Ana Maria disse...


what a great choice of commercial! The soundtrack is super and it´s great to see our players together isn´t it?


Teresa Melo disse...

i would like how to play football that way :O the soundtrack makes us dancing !!

Glenda disse...

hi raphael!

this commercial is perfect!! xD
I like it very much!!!
It's very cool and nice. I simply love it!!!

It's the nike and the Brazil's football players with this trend.

this commercial is fantastic!!

marianamelo disse...

I don't like football, so i don't like this ad too. I only liked the music! It's very rhythmic.