quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2007

Brainstorm: PORTUGAL

What comes to mind when you see the word PORTUGAL?
These are the answers given by our Brazilian students:

Danilo: simplicity, exploration, history, small cities, stone streets, Lisbon, Cabo Verde.
Maria Clara: It´s a good place, history of Brazil, intelligent people.
Bruno: Felipão (football coach), Lisbon, wine, moustache, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Mariana: cod fish, Lisbon, food, good people, saints, beach, moustache, music, church.
Isabela: cod fish, Felipão, Deco, Lisbon, moustache.
Caio: Lisbon, Cristiano Ronaldo, Felipão, moustache.
Francisco: João Bacalhau, city of Port, the capital Lisbon.
Pedro Mamede: Cristiano Ronaldo, Felipão, food, cod fish, church, soccer, good people.

It´s interesting to see what most of them mentioned...

2 comentários:

Isabel neves disse...

Well, it's true we can't do without our codfish, there are a thousand recipes and we simply love it. I always eat it at least once a week. Our calçada is also very popular. But you didn't mention anytrhing about our character. Is it because you never met a Portuguese ?!

Ana Maria disse...

Maybe, I hadn´t thought of that. But I guess we don´t know much about Portuguese character. The impression I have is that Portuguese are traditional people. I don´t know if you are aware but Brazilians tell lots of jokes about Portuguese people, not very flattering ones... :( But in reality we have nothing against our brother or (mother) nation.