quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2007

Hello from BRAZIL

Dear friends,
We´re very happy to be part of this project. Today we read your profiles and also left you comments below your profiles. We took some pictures so that you could see us. There are 10 students in our group but two of them were absent today, Vinícius and Olívia. Hope you like our pictures! Oh, this weekend we´ll be posting our profiles too.

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Isabel neves disse...

hi !

The slide looks wonderful and so does your computer lab ! We'll be posting a slide show so that you can get to know our studnets and our school !

Ana Maria disse...

Great Isabel,

We´re very happy that you enjoyed the pictures.

Barbara disse...

Hi! Very nice pictures and an interesting project.
Hugs from Argentina.

Hala disse...

The slides reflect a great project and hard work!
Way to go!
Hala from Khartoum,Sudan

Ana Maria disse...

Thanks Barbara, Hala and Camila Sousa for the messages.

Anônimo disse...

You're pictures are very nice!
Mariana and Joana Sousa

Anônimo disse...

Add us: mariana_c_melo@hotmail.com

We are waiting for the add.

Francisco disse...

Hello every one,

The pictures were very nice and another thing is:

Mariana and Pedro make a very beautiful and very young couple.

And also the photos are nice!!

Gabriela disse...


the pictures were very nice and interesting!!

Mariana and Pedro disse...

Francisco, you are soo idiot :]lol
We don't have nothing ok? you're soo jealous..lol
If someone want, our msn are

Kisses xD