segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2007

Here are the profiles from the first Portuguese students :



Joao Bacalhau

Mariana Melo

Teresa Melo

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Bruno e Isabela disse...

Hi Catia.
We have a lot of things in commum. :]
I like meeting new people too because it's important have a lot of friends.I love surfing on the net too,i passed a lot of time in front of pc.I love your perfil and I want to learn more about you.
I hope to talk more with you.
Bye, see you later
add us in msn :

Gabriela and Flor disse...

Hello Tereza,
Our names are Gabriela and Flor.We live in Uberlandia, Brazil, here it's nice city. About us, we are teenagers. Gabriela's 15 years old and Flor's 44 years old. We study English in Cultura Inglesa. Our teacher is Ana Maria. She's so cute. The classroom so fun!!We enjoy a lot.

Mariana and Pedro disse...

Heey João
What's up?
Well, My name is Mariana and my classmate calls Pedro.
We're Brazilian and we living in Uberlandia, State os Minas Gerais, Brazil. And you? where you live? I have 2 friends have lived in Portugal and they are so cool.
And what you do on your free time?
You should go to Brazil and meet our friends and our school. What do you think?
Do you have msn? is mine and pedro's msn is, if you want, you can add us.
We're waiting your answer.


Francisco and Caio disse...

Hello Mariana Melo,

Our names are Caio and Francisco and we live in Brazil but. We are at the same school and we study english at Cultura Inglesa Brazil.

We have some questions for you.
-We want to know what are the population of your city?

- We want to know your e-mail

- Do you have any boyfriend?

- How old are you?

- When you are going to visit us here in Brazil? Reply us with a very good e-mail

Bye bye see you late

Our e-mails is


Danilo disse...

Hi Marta,
My name's Danilo and I live in Uberlândia - Minas Gerais.
I'm 13, and I have brown and straight hair. My eyes are green. I'm 1,60 and 40 kilos.
My family also tell that I'm funny a little irresponsible.
I really like reading and writing, especially fictions and articles. I like poems too, so that's why I want to graduate in letters, philosofy and jornalism.
Another coincidence: I'll also read a book of Eça de Queiroz; O Crime do Padre Amado.
I like playing volleyball, but sports aren't my cup of tea.
I don't play any instrument but I'd like to play guitar.
I'd like to be all of theses occupations: teacher, jornalist, actor and writer; and I'm happy to know that you believe in justice and I can tell you that I also think there's a way to peace.
I liked so much to read your "letter" and I hope to get another one soon.


gabriela Rosso Zecca disse...

hi students,

I'm Gabriela , an English teacher from Buenos aires. Your blog is great and I hope you take advantage of this wonderful tool.
Ana Maria and Isabel, excellent work, congrats!!!