sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2007

Are the Portuguese traditional ??? by Isabel and 11º F

yes, some of us are!!! But there are others who are very open-minded and bold. We've got João Garcia who's climbed to the Everest and other bold travellers... But Ana maybe you have a point... Some Portuguese are very concerned about what others think of them and in some way a bit narrow-minded... I've heard about the jokes but I don't take them personally, I just smile and think that maybe there are Portuguese who are a bit like that. By theway why don't you tell us a joke or maybe have your students write a joke about the Portuguese ?

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winky disse...

Personally I think that some portuguese people are quite traditional while others are very open-minded.
There are traditions that always will exists to Portuguese, for example spend together the Christmas's Day and Easter, is very important for a portuguese spend time with all the family telling jokes, playing games and talking with each other. =)

marta disse...

In my opinion, the portuguese people aren't traditional, because minds "grow up" with the evolution of the world. However, some portuguese (specially older people) are traditional, yet.
Although we are open-minded, we have some traditions very goods, I guess, like the hospitality, and the food...=P
We will be better than today...

Ana Maria disse...

Dear friends from Portugal,

I'll be talking to my students about the jokes then. Let's see if we can come up with some of them. Don't be mad, huh! lol

Anônimo disse...

In my opinion, there are many Portuguese people who are traditional and other that are very open-minded. There are many differences between Portuguese people, some of us think in one way, while others think in another completely different way.
In Portugal there are many people that make traditions something completely new and fun, we’re in Guinness because we have the bigger “pão com chouriço” of the whole world, and also the biggest bicycle in earth. Besides that, we have also done the biggest human logotype with 34.309 people, representing the Euro2004 symbol. :D

té disse...

in my opinion, portuguese people are very traditional (specially older people). For example in the meals. Portuguese people think that to eat well, we have to eat a lot (it's a stupid example, but it is real !! and that's the explication for why portuguese people are so fat!!!!.
There are traditions too, that we are very traditionals, like bullfights.

hugs !!

Anônimo disse...


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