quarta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2007

The Christmas Day is comming!! =)

Hello everybody!!

I'm writing here just to know what kind of presents do you like to receive, and which do you really receive at Christmas. =D

Probably the presents that you receive there, in Brazil, are very different than ours, in Portugal, because here is Winter and there is Summer (you're so lucky ^_^).

Merry Christmas!!


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Isabel neves disse...

You forgot to say which presents you usually receive !
teacher isabel

Ana Maria disse...

Dear Isabel and students,

Our semester in Brazil is over and I´ll only have contact with students in February. I´ve just returned from a quick holiday at the beach and unfortunately I´m sunburnt.

Yes, Christmas in Brazil is quite different. We have no snow but plenty of rain. We normally get together with our families on the night of 24 Dec and open our presents at midnight (24 - 25 Dec). After the presents we have a late dinner. Some children can´t stay awake but most do, of course :)

Well, presents... I guess we get what we need. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books but children prefer toys. I like getting clothes for Christmas. This year I´m going to get a new handbag from my husband. And you?


andreia disse...

Well.. I like to receive all kind of presents, clothes, shoes, watches, money =D...

What I like most is the surprise, the expectation that I have while I open the persents! =)