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Genetic Manipulation and GMO

Before I start commenting my picture, I think that is important for you, and for me too, to know more about Genetic Manipulation, so I’m going towrite a text about it first, explaning what is genetic Manipulation, and then, I’ll coment my picture.
Genetic manipulation consists in the genes’s manipulation. It envolves the DNA’S manipulation. The main point of genetic manipulation is to introduce new characteristics in a certain organism, to make it more useful.
Nowadays, genetic manipulation is used to make genetically modified organism (GMO) that are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. The main uses of GMO’s are Trangenic Animals and Plants.

Transgenic animals are used as experimental models to perform phenotypic tests with genes whose function is unknown or to generate animals that are susceptible to certain compounds or stresses for testing in biomedical research.

Transgenic plants have been developed for various purposes: resistance to pests, herbicides or harsh environmental conditions; improved shelflife; increased nutritional value - and many more.
Genetic manipulation and Trangenics are very polemic issues because many people say that they’re dangerous and prejudicial to our health.

This image is a critique to Transgenic plants, and the effects that it can have in people. This image is also a critique to the scientists, who do that kind of experiences. The truth is that GMO can be very dangerous to our health because they’re content chemicals, and they’re DNA was changed in an unnatural way. I’ve searched in the web all I could about GMO and I’ve discovered that it can be very dangerous. And this picture shows us two important disavantages: The first one is allergys that GMO can cause in humam beings, that could be the reason why our scientist on the picture is red like a tomato. And he is right that’s “bad news” because GMO’s can provide antibiotic resistance to the bacteriums, which means that when you eat transgenic food, those chemicals that GMO’s have, are giving straight to the bacteriums that can make you ill. So, if you get ill, it will be more difficult to you be alright again.
by :Cátia Viana

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Isabel neves disse...

Cátia the image you found was very funny and quite illustrative of the dangers that lie in GMO.I'll send your corrected text by email or place it on the moodle platform

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